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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I'm bringing X in at 4pm but would I be able to drop their suitcase off in the morning before they arrive?

A:  Yes this isn’t a problem, we will set it aside for them.

Q: I understand the drop off time for any stay is after 4pm. As I’m going on holiday during his next stay would it be possible to drop him off at 2pm?

A:  For special arrangements please speak to a senior care officer in advance as quite often we have to change rota’s or bring in extra staff.

Q: I will not be able to bring X in till 6pm will this be a problem?

A:  That isn’t a problem, just let us know if they still require dinner and will organise dinner on their arrival.

Q: X likes cheese but only when it’s cooked. Can you make sure she is never given cheese uncooked?

A:  Dietary requests are established during the support plan. Our cooks are always made aware of any dietary requests.

Q: Which staff is going to be on during X visit?

A:  We can only tell you of staff on shift for that evening and thereafter pictures of staff on each shift per day are put on the board.

Q: always seems to come home missing an item of clothing. How can this be avoided?

A:  We recommend that you label their clothes. We always do this but unfortunately we don’t always get it right and mistakes can happen. We are looking into ways of improving this.

Q: X goes to piano lessons which happens during their stay. Will she still be able to go?

A:  As long as arrangements have been made to get them to and from this will not be a problem.

Q: X needs to be given his medication, he cannot take it himself. Who will give him his medication?

A:  Medication needs are always discussed in advance of stay. Medication is given by our trained care staff and also double checked by care staff. If there are any issues we would contact the guests GP (we have a note of this on the support plan) and NHS24 if required.

Will X be sleeping downstairs or upstairs?

A:  Priority will be given to health needs but if a guest has a preference please discuss in advance of stay and we will try to oblige.

Can X use the hydrotherapy pool whilst they are here?

A:  Yes guests have priority access to all the facilities at Phew. We also allow the pool and the snoozleroom to be used for 1hr per day, mon-fri for people with learning difficulties at a charge of £3. We currently have a set list of people using both facilities but these are very popular and there is a waiting list to join. If you are interested in using the pool or the snoozleroom out with your stay at Phew please speak to our receptionist Elaine Sirrell.

Can X get toenails cut during their stay?

A:  We have a beautician and a hairdresser, guests get priority booking so no problem to receive a treatment or hair style during their stay.

Q: How much money should I leave with X?

A:  You should discuss with the carer who will discuss what activities are planned for duration of stay. Some guests like to participate in everything and eat out for lunch, some just like to go to a few activities, some like to do a lot of shopping, some don’t. It also depends on the season, in winter we do a lot more indoor activities, which costs more money. It is recommended to bring some pocket money but if in doubt please discuss with a carer.

Q: X likes a long lie-in in the mornings, is there a set time he needs to get up?

A:  No it’s their holiday so they can please themselves. There isn’t a set breakfast in the dining room so guest can have breakfast in guest lounges whenever they want it.

Q: Will X get a bath or a shower?

A:  It’s entirely up to the guest. All rooms have an en-suite with shower but guest can have a bath if they prefer.

Q: Can X bring in his/her own bedside pictures, which always helps him/her to sleep?

A:  Of course. We have tastefully decorated the rooms but guests are very welcome to bring their own items to make them feel more at home, or make the room their own.

Q: Can X bring in his i-pad?

A:  Yes that’s not a problem but please bear in mind it would be at the guests own risk. We do have i-pads, x-box etc available at the centre and guests are welcome to use them.

Q: X’s grandparents would like to visit during their stay, will this be a problem?

A:  Of course not, they would be very welcome. They can either stay here during the visit or take X out (with carer permission).

Q: Can I give X a mobile phone during their stay and would be ok for them to call me and me to call them?

A:  Yes of course. Guests and carers/families are always welcome to phone. Even if carer/family doesn’t want to speak to guest, but just want to check up this is absolutely fine to do this.

Q: What will they be doing whilst at Phew?

A:  As well as asking our guests would they would like to do , there are always several activities planned – indoors and outdoors. Guests will always be invited to them and it’s up to them whether they participate or not. If they don’t feel like joining in or want to stay behind at Phew, a member of staff will stay behind with them. It’s totally up to the individual. They can join in as many or as little of the activities as they wish. We also welcome any suggestions of activities of places to visit from guests.