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Phew Admission Procedures

PHEW (Scotland) has it’s own Application Form. On receipt of the form, contact will be made to the guest and their family and also their Social Worker if this is appropriate, either by phone or by letter.The guest and their family will be invited to visit Phew (Scotland) to find out if it is a suitable resource. On the initial visit after viewing the resources on offer, a Senior member of staff will discuss the Application Form with the guest and their family and identify if the service will meet their needs.If the guest and their family want to proceed with the application, the introduction to the service will be tailored to meet the needs of the applicant. This could include some of the following:

  • A visit to applicants home
  • One or more tea time visits
  • An overnight stay
  • A short stay over a few days

During the initial stages a Care Plan will be developed by staff in consultation with the guest and their family.  Some guests may require additional support and this will be negotiated with the fund holder and additional charges agreed.

Support Plans

We work with the individual and their families, health care professionals and local authorities to develop an individualised support package to meet the service user’s own particular needs, whilst ensuring that they receive the highest standard of care. We aim to provide an environment which offers warmth, security, consistency and understanding to ensure that each individual is supported to reach their full potential.

Our Support Plans

We have re-designed the service care plans and have been progressively introducing them as guests have come to stay with us. Each plan is built around outcomes inspired by Shanarri indications (children and young people) and the keys to Life (adults). We have paid particular attention to ensuring risks are identified and a clear plan prepared to manage them.

We have a review system in place and it is required that all users embrace this.  Staff conduct a phone review as a back up to ensure all guests details are up to date. We have reviewed and improved our incident reporting process including paperwork which follows on naturally from enhanced care planning and risk assessing. We are playing particular attention to ensuring individual outcomes are identified and set out for each guest. We are trying to ensure plans and protocols are up to date by checking for changes with families prior to every stay. Staff have been grateful of everyone’s co-operation with them when they have been telephoning.