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One of our very talented staff members added a wall freize to one of the corridors. Along with some additional pictures this really brightens the corridor up.

We also aim to improve the lighting on all other corridors which even though they have plenty of windows and natural lighting can be a little dull.

Sensory Garden

We try hard to keep this garden area tidy and accessible for all at all times. During the course of the year, we have revarnished all of the decking, planters and seating. We have repainted the coloured wall and renewed the pump in the water feature at a cost of around £800.

Recently, there has been a major refurbishment of the bridge, surrounding wet plant area, soft landing area under the swing and a previously planted area prepared for a raised planter to be installed.
We have further plans to improve storage in the garden to reseal and refurbish the water feature track and repaint the coloured wall and all wood in the garden.