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Our Volunteers

Volunteering for Phew can be very rewarding. It also really helps us out, and – most importantly – helps the people we support.  Who can volunteer?  People of all ages and cultural backgrounds. All you need is a genuine liking for people, empathy, patience, a warm personality and a few hours spare.

Alison Noble

Alison Noble
Sarah Steel

Sarah Steel
Stephen Carson

Stephen Carson

How can you help as a volunteer?

Supporting somebody (along with at least one of our support workers) for a few hours a week – perhaps to go to a club or pub or football match or day out at the park or shopping. It’s an opportunity for you to share your hobbies with someone with similar interests.

  • Helping out at our Open Days, Coffee Mornings, Season Parties (Halloween, Christmas, Valentine, Easter).
  • Raising awareness – we need people who are willing to tell others about the work we do and to raise awareness.
  • Utilising your personal skills and expertise for the benefit of our guests
  • Helping with gardening from weeding to landscaping
  • Helping with painting and decorating.
  • Helping out in the back office – there is always something to do from filing, typing, creating posters.
  • Providing entertainment or Social Activities.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer at Phew please contact the centre by phone or

Students and Work Experience:

Phew recognises the value of training, development and experience and this is encouraged amongst our staff group and we provide excellent opportunities for a wide range of students and offer support to meet the level of achievement expected from the placement areas. Each student has their own named supervisor/mentor and is well supported. Phew welcomes student placements from a number of local Further Education establishments.

Intended Outcome

NC Social Care

HNC Social Care

HNC Health Care

Work Experience for Senior Pupils

Phew Membership

What…. May you ask…. is Phew Membership and how can I become a member?

Membership of Phew (Scotland) entitles the member to receive Annual Reports and Accounts as well as regular newsletters ~ 4 per year. In addition to this the member has input on the future direction of PHEW (Scotland), its policies and services as well as assisting the organisation as a whole in maintaining the high standard of service it provides for its guests.

The advantage to PHEW (Scotland) is that its members allow for a broadening of the Centre’s base and an increase of the pool of people who could be consulted regarding its future.
As a member you will also be entitled to the reduced rates for hairdressing and beauty treatments (see price list).

The annual membership fee is just £5.00 payable by 1st April of each year. However, anyone wishing to join after that date will pay a pro-rata membership fee for the balance of the year. Enquiries and application forms are available from the Administrator on telephone 01698-404051.