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The Advocacy Report

In 2014 we conducted a survey on feedback from our guests and their carers. The survey consisted of not only completing questionnaires, but also included focus groups for Guests and on for Carers. The outcome was very positive and indicated that most of you are more than satisfied with the service we provide and are particularly happy with the input from care staff. There were a few concerns about developing new activities for guests, a change being needed to the way we report at the end of short breaks and the flexibility of our booking system.

These points have all been addressed and we are confident you will be happy with the improvements we have made.

Guest & Carer Feedback

The people who make the biggest difference to how Phew runs are our guests. We care about the outcome, not the income. We listen to what you say and aim to ensure your requests are met – which make our guests our best ambassadors.

Watch our video feedback and read feedback from some of our guests:
Written Feedback:

X enjoyed having his hair cut and he says he likes the fact he doesn’t get huge helpings of food because staff know he always likes to clear his plate. He also likes having an en-suite. (10-14th March 2016)
Reading X’s Home Report was really good. I was happy he participated in activities and outings. The icing on the cake and proof that he had been content was all his t-shirts coming home in one piece. When he gets frustrated or anxious, he will rip them. (28.9 – 2.10.15)
X came home relaxed and happy and keeps asking when is due to go back to Phew. Thank You. (14.9 – 21.9.15)
My daughter loves to come to Phew and gets so excited when she knows she is coming. (2.9.15)
X liked the new pictures on the bedroom walls. X is enjoying getting to know the staff and feels they are really good and help her. (21.9 – 25.9.15)
I love coming to Phew as I am always made very welcome by everyone – from reception to domestic to my key worker. (2.10. – 5.10.15)
Phew staff make me feel like part of the family, just like when I am at home. I love it and can’t wait to come back. ( 5.10.15)
As always X had a fantastic time at Phew. This gave us the opportunity to go on holiday and re-charge our batteries. Thank You so much, don’t know what I’d do without Phew. (11.9 -21.9.15)
Always enjoy my stay at Phew. I enjoy the variety of activities and the company of other guests and staff. (11.9. – 21.9.15)
I like coming to Phew. I always get excited when I know I’m coming. I keep asking my dad if it’s time to go to Phew yet. I can’t wait to get there. (13.6.16)
I love the staff at Phew they have fun with me and make me laugh. I miss my family but I always have fun when I’m there.
The staff at Phew are good fun and I have a few favourites because we have great banter. They are like old friends to me. (June 2016)
The food here is good – there is always plenty of choice and enough to eat. I come to Phew quite a lot but never get bored of the food as the menu changes regularly. (June 2016)
X says I love meeting up with my friends and talking with staff. I’ve enjoyed meeting and talking to other guests and helping to choose the people who will work here.
X says I love being here. I enjoy helping the handyman with the shopping and the Health and Safety checks.
X says I loved going to see the Jersey Boys Show and staying out late. I’ve had a ball here.
X loves coming here and calls it her holiday. Phew is a lifeline to me and my other children. I cannot recommend it enough. The place and the staff are amazing, you do a very rewarding job.
I have always found the staff to be very co-operative, welcoming and very efficient. Have always been contacted when a problem has arisen and kept well informed of any incidents. I do like the wee report we get home.
My daughter loves the interaction between staff and herself, they make her feel loved and like a family member.

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